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An updated version of OMAFRA Publication 384 Protection Guide for Turfgrass is now available on the OMAFRA website (English & French).

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Protection Guide for Turfgrass publication cover photo

Protection Guide for Turfgrass

Integrated Pest Management for Turf

Integrated Pest Management for Turf


An updated version of the Protection Guide for Turfgrass, is now available on the OMAFRA website.  This publication lists crop protection products registered for turfgrass as of December 1, 2014. A big part of managing turf is knowing which crop protection products to use. This publication is a great resource for sod farmers, golf course superintendents, lawn care operators and sports field managers.  This publication, along with Integrated Pest Management for Turf, provides a complete reference package on turf IPM for Ontario.





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a photo of Dr. James B Beard

Dr. James B Beard

If you are in turf, you better know him. Dr. Beard – author, researcher, teacher, lecturer, mentor and consultant in all things “turf” has just published a new book that was 40 years in the making called “Turfgrass History and Literature: Lawns, Sports and Golf”. It chronicles the evolution of turf as a lawn, a playing surface for all things sporty and of course, last but not least, golf. Then there is the history of turfgrass research, turfgrass science education, sod production and more. Lastly there is a comprehensive bibliography of turf books, research publications,turf conference proceedings and trade publications. The beauty of this book is that in the digital age, it is difficult to find documentation of anything much prior to the mid-2000’s. Due to Dr. Beard’s efforts, all of this information is in one place, in a format that will not be lost if your computer hard drive crashes or if you don’t have access to the internet. This book is available through the Michigan State University Press http://msupress.org/books/. You will need access to the internet for that.

If this accomplishment wasn’t enough, Dr. Beard will be receiving the 2014 Crop Science Society of America Presidential Award at their 2014 Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California next week. Bravo Dr. Beard!

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