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golf green covered in snow

Does your turf look like this?

A turf field sprayer

Do you still need to use this?

7 day forecast for Guelph, ON

7 day forecast for Guelph, ON

As you can see by the 7 day forecast for Guelph, you are in luck. There is a narrow window coming up this weekend and early next week when you will have a chance to apply your preventative snow mould applications. In most years, the last two weeks of November is usually the ideal time to apply snow mould control. This year many superintendents almost got caught out. In fact, Dr. Tom Hsiang has yet to apply fungicide to his snow mould research trials. I bet I know what he will be doing this weekend. The goal is to wait as long as possible in the late fall before applying preventative snow mould applications. This is because heavy rainfall after a snow mould application may wash the fungicide off the turf or make it less effective. The truth is that many of the fungicides now have ingredients in them that make them more rainfast so a torrential rain after a snow mould application is not the end of the world. The other reason for trying to wait as long as possible is that there is some information that shows microbial degradation of fungicides if they are applied to early for snow mould protection. Be that as it may, there is still a narrow window in which to apply snow mould protection, so if you are one of the superintendents that hasn’t applied yet, I can bet I know what you will be doing this weekend.

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A trip down south would be nice but that isn’t going to help your career. Have you ever thought of attending a turf short course?

The 46th Annual Turf Managers’ Short Course is taking place again at the Guelph Turfgrass Institute again this winter. Don’t miss this four-week course which looks at all aspects of turf and the best management practices to grow it well. Join your fellow turf professionals and learn from University of Guelph faculty and industry professionals.

Identify insects, diseases and weeds. Select turfgrasses for unusual and usual situations. Grow the best turfgrass you can.

Course Dates: January 26 to February 20, 2015
Website: Turf Managers’ Short Course – http://www.TurfManagers.ca
Email: info@OpenEd.uoguelph.ca Phone: 519-767-5000

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